About us

PINALPA AGENCIES LTD is specializes in two areas, weather radars area and in air traffic control (ATC) area. We deliver turn-key solution and we provide technical support to users with weather radars and with air traffic control (ATC) equipment.

We are dealing with specialized manufacturers in microwave radar technology, digital and analogue electronics and software development. Those producers are world known, high technology, with reliable products.

Our experts are trained to offer reliable system as solution. According to your request, we are able to offer complete new equipment, or just spare parts, we can provide obsolete components, or software update. We can solve your problems, fulfill your expectation for maintenance or modernization.

If you are new customer and not sure what type of weather radar do you need, we are here to help you to pick proper product for your needs.
If you have previous knowledge on radars be aware that meteorological radars operate differently and produce different products than other radar types.


Band selection at weather radars is a function of the trade offs between range reflectivity and cost which vary as a function of the physics of rain attenuation.

    • S-Band (2700-2900 MHz) is well suited for detecting heavy rain at very long ranges. (Up to 300 km).
    • C-Band (5600-5650 MHz) represents a good compromise between range and reflectivity and cost and can provided rain detection up to a range of 200 km.
    • X-Band ( 9300-9500 MHz) weather radars are more sensitive than S or C Band Radars Used for short range weather observations up to a range of 50 km 4 W.

Single Polarization

    • Weather Forecasting Products.
    • Base Reflectivity – Rainfall Rate.
    • Mean Radial Velocity - Wind information that related to wind motions within and relative to a storm Used for assessing rotation in a storm. z Spectrum Width – Detecting turbulence.

Dual Polarization 

    • Differential Reflectivity - Indicator of drop shape.
    • Correlation coefficient – Indicator of regions where the is a mixture of precipitations types.
    • Specific Differential Phase – Also a good indicator of rain rate.


Supply of spare parts and equipment for civilian air traffic control systems, weather radars and
Software Design & Development for ATC systems