Mini Weather Radar - MWR


  • Unique portable X-band weather radar
  • Large amount of functionality integrated in small device
  • Real time insight to weather situation
  • Up to 200 km range

Mini Weather Radar MWR is a unique portable X-band weather radar with large functionality integrated in small device sold for favorable price. It provides real time insight to weather situation up to 200 km range.

MWR Radar answers the increasing demand for water management tools and hazardous meteorological phenomena detection. Watersheds management, global warming adaptation strategies, flood protection, operative weather forecast, military and civil defense actions or aviation safety are supported by this radar.

Combination of its size and low price implies wide use in the water management, tourism, media, transport, military and an civil defense, aviation and agriculture.

MWR small weather radar comes with Radar Processor and MWR Software, displaying meteorological spatial data in user-friendly graphic form.

MWR Meteorological Radar provides:

  • Unique portable X-band weather radar
  • Large amount of functionality integrated in small device
  • Real time insight to weather situation
  • Up to 200 km range

MWR Mini Weather Radar
General description

Basic features of MWR
• simple
• small demand on installation and maintenance
• fully automatic operation without servicing personnel
• stationary as well as mobile or portable
• low weight and small dimension
• antenna diameter 55 cm, optimum reach
• frequency 9410 MHz, low pulse power 50 kW
• advanced technology and technical equipment
• data transfers over TCP/IP connection (LAN, private networks, internet etc.)
• possibility to connect the radar to the radar network
• user-friendly graphic according to requirements and customer needs
• easy service
• competitive price
• PPI, CAPPI, RHI, Composite Reflectivity, Rainfall Accumulation, EchoTops, VIL

MWR Software

The data processing is based on web server architecture and therefore all products are available over HTTP interface and easily accessible to any user using web browser. The access to the web interface is secured by encrypted (https) protocol, and protected by password. The data processing software takes the earth curvature and atmospheric refraction into account. During the data processing, the non-meteorological data, like ground
clutters, are removed (filtered) in final visualisation products.

The data processing software offers interpretation of the 3D data in following standard outputs:
• PPI (Plan Position Indicator) one radar elevation
• CAPPI (Constant Altitude PPI) horizontal cross section
• RHI (Range Height Indicator) vertical cross section
• Echo Tops heights of cloud tops
• Composite Reflectivity (Column max) maximas in columns
• VIL (Vertically Integrated Liquid Water) column sums
• Rainfall Accumulation

Low pulse capacity enables to monitor important dangerous radar meteorological objects up to distance of 100 km (200 km). Radar meteorological objects with lower intensity can be monitored only up to distance of 60 km (higher intensity - up to 100 km, early warning system - up to 200 km). The device thus complies with standards for operation in settled areas (towns, airports, highways, yachts, etc.).

MWR can complete “white spots” in existing large radar network or a complete network of MMRs can be established in ares with no radar coverage. Small size and low weight enables easy installation and operation.

Technical Specification
• height 125 cm
• width 92 cm x 92 cm

Weight 90 kg

Antenna Parabolic, 55 cm

Antenna Elevation −1 to +90°
- Angle Span

Antenna Scanning Speed 0 to 60 rpm

Transmitter Tube Magnetron

Receiver Sensitivity −111 dBm

Modulator Type Solid-state

Dynamic Range 80 dB

Operating Frequency Range 9410 MHz (X-band)

Half Power Beam Width 4°

Polarization Linear, horizontal

Antenna Gain, typical 32 dBi Transmitter Power Peak 50 kW Raw Data Resolution 32 bit
RF Pulse Width 3 μs

Pulse Repetition Frequency 500 Hz

Maximum Range 100 km (200 km for the detection of early warning system)

Radial Resolution 300 m (600 m)

Consumption 250 W

Data Update Rate 3D full scan @min. 4 minutes interlacing scan refresh 2 min. (depending on configuration)